Conferences: Why They’re Worth It Every Time

Conferences: Why They’re Worth It Every Time

Recently, select individuals from our DMC Marketing office were chosen to attend the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas. Rebecca, Michelle, and Norma headed to the Lone Star State for a few days of training, networking, and fun. These conferences offer so many benefits to our people and our company overall. Adam, our President, highlighted a few of the positive aspects that make these events worthwhile:

• Team Travel Is Fun: “It’s always a pleasure to get to know team members better when we’re on the road together,” explained Adam. “DMC Marketing’s culture is collaborative, so bonding is important to our work processes. When we’re experiencing something new together, it brings us closer as a team.”

• Always Plenty to Learn: “These conferences are great because they help our people understand the big picture,” Adam noted. “They learn more about the industry, gain new insights from the workshops and speakers, and always have something to bring back to share with the rest of the team. It’s an extension of our DMC Marketing learning environment.”

• Veritable Networking Hubs: “They call it a networking conference for a reason,” Adam said. “There are all sorts of people worth connecting with at these events, from industry experts to leaders from other regions.”

Conferences are just one of the professional development avenues we offer our people. Like us on Facebook to see what else we do to learn and grow each day.