How to Cultivate Public Speaking Prowess

How to Cultivate Public Speaking Prowess

Team DMC Marketing does a lot of networking and a lot of presentations. Therefore, we’re continually refining our public speaking skills so that we can connect with others who will have a positive impact on the work we do, as well as our professional growth.

Delivering presentations and building our contact lists require us to be able to articulate our thoughts so that they are relatable to the audiences to whom we are directing them. Within our DMC Marketing learning environment, we focus on different techniques to captivate attention, whether we’re addressing a larger crowd or sparking a conversation with one person. Here are some of the points we stress:

• Know Your Audience: Before we start to craft our messages, we need to know to whom we’re speaking and what matters to them. At DMC Marketing, our campaigns are built on careful research that sheds light on our target customers. We extend this practice to learning more about people we might meet at conferences as well, so that we’re prepared with information that is meaningful to them.

• Inject a Bit of Humor: Getting people to laugh can both relax them and make them more receptive to your message. Just remember to keep it appropriate for your group and steer clear of hot-button topics.

• Practice, But Don’t Expect Perfection: We feel more confident when we have rehearsed key points we want to discuss. However, we don’t want to sound like we’re reading from a script, either. A mistake sounds more natural than a dialogue repeated verbatim.

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