Exciting Expansion Plans Underway

Exciting Expansion Plans Underway

In accordance with our commitment to growth, we are excited to announce that DMC Marketing is expanding into a new territory. We’re heading to Chicago! This development comes in response to an increase in demand for our innovative outreach services.

This expansion presents many opportunities. For instance, our team members will have greater ability to sharpen their professional skills and advance into management roles. More entry-level positions will become available as the rest of our people move forward, so we’ll be hiring lots of talented individuals as well.

Here are a few more benefits of business growth:

• Farther Reach: By entering the Chicago market, we will have access to more businesses and add to the DMC Marketing portfolio. We’ll also have more consumers to connect with on behalf of the companies we serve.

• Enhanced Learning: Every new experience is a platform for growth. There are challenges to navigate and lessons to learn. Getting to know new markets and meeting unique needs leads to enhanced expertise.

• Reduced Risk: It may seem like a big risk to open doors in a new area, but the opposite happens to be true. It’s far more dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket and hope the basket can support them. By spreading our wings, we expand our potential.

We already have several campaigns ready for launch in our new location. Check out our DMC Marketing Newswire for all our updates.