PRESS RELEASE: It’s Time for DMC Marketing’s Annual Cancun R&R Retreat

PRESS RELEASE: It’s Time for DMC Marketing’s Annual Cancun R&R Retreat

NEW JERSEY – Adam, the President of DMC Marketing, announced that he and qualifying team members will soon fly to Cancun for a yearly rest and relaxation retreat. He noted that this trip exemplifies the benefits of delayed gratification.

Everybody has been told at some time in their lives that the secret to success is hard work, shared Adam, but it’s easy to focus too much on the hard work and not enough on the success. That’s one of the reasons he’s so excited about the upcoming R&R retreat in Cancun: it reminds his DMC Marketing team that working hard pays off in very specific ways (like all-expenses-paid weekends at tropical resorts).

The weekend will be a classic fun-in-the-sun package, except when it’s time to dance the night away on pristine beaches under a starry sky. Offices and other divisions from all over the country will be there to recharge after 12 months of effort to qualify for this luxury trip as well, making this an incredible networking opportunity. The whole DMC Marketing office is buzzing with excitement for this annual event, which is going to be the biggest of its kind ever.

For those who didn’t quite make it on the guest list for this year’s Cancun weekend, Adam has good news: he’s already putting plans into motion to help his team set and achieve the goals they need to hit in order to qualify for next year’s trip. In fact, he’s also eager to hire new team members for several entry-level positions that have opened up as a result of DMC Marketing’s growth, and he has the same message for them – join the team now, and by next year you could be sunning it up in Cancun as well.

Hard Work Is One Ingredient to DMC Marketing’s Success. Here Are More.

Adam is quick to point out that while working hard is a big part of achieving results, working smart plays a role as well. This isn’t always as easy to describe as working hard, but there are definitely some work-smart strategies that are popular at DMC Marketing.

One is to recognize the importance of pushing past comfort zones. The premise here is simple, according to Adam: if a person was already capable of hitting their goals, they would have. Since they haven’t yet, it’s vital to continue growing and changing as a person and professional. This is why habits like continual learning, waking up earlier in the morning, and self-care play a big role in the success strategies employed at DMC Marketing.

These and other tips are what Adam and his top producers have put into practice for the last year to qualify for the upcoming Cancun weekend. These same strategies will also play a role in his goal to take even more people on next year’s R&R retreat.

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