We Thrive With a Sports-Inspired Mentality

We Thrive With a Sports-Inspired Mentality

As members of Team DMC Marketing, we’re encouraged to perform at our best by applying a sports-inspired approach. Along with our passion for winning, we have friendly office competitions and often get together to cheer on our favorite teams. More importantly, we stress the leadership traits sports have taught us. With the start of the football season, we’re reminded once again of the following key skills of top-flight coaches:

• Seeing Unique Potential: Great coaches recognize unrealized potential in their players. Even better, they help players find ways to reach their ceilings. Our DMC Marketing leaders have a similar ability to see what we’re capable of and help us build on our unique talents.

• Raising the Bar: Top-notch coaches never settle for one big win or one great season. They keep setting higher benchmarks so their players won’t rest on their laurels. This is the general approach around our office as well. We’re always aiming higher after we achieve a major win. For us, it’s the only way to stay ahead of the industry curve.

• Sharing Successful Visions: When leaders can share compelling visions of winning outcomes, people are inspired to push beyond their current skill sets. Just like a pregame speech that leads to a big win, our managers know how to get us hyped up to excel.

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