Team Spotlight on Rebecca

Team Spotlight on Rebecca

The people who comprise our DMC Marketing team come to us from different backgrounds. It is their diverse experiences combined with their passions and ambitions that allow our firm to stay in the lead in our industry. This month, Rebecca is in our spotlight. Let’s learn more about her.

“Rebecca is a standout in our office,” said Adam, DMC Marketing’s President. “She has a strong work ethic on which she relies to hit her targets and realize a solid level of success.”

As Adam noted, Rebecca’s story is unique in many ways. She didn’t come to DMC Marketing with any business background. “Rebecca initially started her professional life in the nursing field,” said Adam. “What most people don’t recognize is there are skills that can be transferred from any field to the next, and Rebecca found a way to capitalize on those from her previous experiences and successfully apply them to this role.”

“Rebecca is quite analytical and observes every situation from different directions to best determine how to approach them,” Adam noted. “Her critical thinking skills, combined with her ability to hustle, are certainly carryovers from her early career that give her an edge in this industry.”

It’s a privilege to have a talented team like ours with accomplishments to celebrate. Check out our Newswire to see which associate we highlight in the future.