Our Best Advice for Would-Be Mentees

Our Best Advice for Would-Be Mentees

As we look toward a triumphant 2019 for DMC Marketing, we haven’t lost sight of how important it is to have personalized coaching. Every associate we add to our team in the year to come will receive hands-on guidance from a seasoned team member who can offer insider success tips. Our in-house coaches started from the entry level, so they know exactly what it takes to rise through the ranks.

Finding the right mentor is something we’ve discussed at length around the DMC Marketing office. In our view, the first thing a person must do is be ready to learn from someone who has wisdom to offer. It’s hard to get anything of value from a coaching relationship if you don’t have enough time to invest in the hard work of constant learning.

Having well-defined goals already in place is another key element of homing in on the ideal mentor. If a prospective coach knows where you want to go, he or she can help you figure out the right action steps to reach your destination. A specific endpoint in mind allows a coach to assist you in creating a roadmap.

In order to get long-term, ongoing insights from a mentor, you need to set aside time for follow-up on a regular basis. Even if you’re just meeting for coffee once a month or quarter, it’s essential to write these appointments down on your calendar so you can keep the relationship healthy.

We’re committed believers in the power of mentorship.